Breast Implant Removal +/- Replacement

Breast Implant Removal +/- Replacement

On occasion, it may be necessary to remove or replace breast implants. This is something that needs extra thought as there are several considerations than need to be made.

For example, whenever an implant is placed in the body, the body forms a capsule (or shell of scar tissue) around the implant and this can contract and distort the appearance of an implant. When removing or replacing breast implants it is important to consider what to do about the capsule. Mr Ismail will take time to explain the options to you so you can reach a decision that is best for you.

Rarely implants can rupture, necessitating removal. It may be possible to replace implants at the same time or perform a breast uplift procedure if required or desired. Imaging with ultrasound or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) may be necessary to determine if implants are ruptured and this can be arranged for you.

Why Choose Dr Ismail

Mr Ismail is a highly qualified consultant plastic surgeon with advanced knowledge of anatomy and the procedures offered in his clinic. Mr Ismail is able to provide a tailored approach to every client and unlike other clinics spends time to explain the procedure and process in detail, with plenty of time to ask questions.